•  Local ILL – Interlibrary Loan from Universities in Korea
    • What is Interlibrary Loan?
    • The Library’s Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Service enables Yonsei students, faculty, and staff to obtain materials not available at Yonsei University libraries from other libraries, both domestic and abroad. Yonsei University Library has arrangements with a select group of participating academic libraries that allow access to some of their materials: Seoul National University, Ewha Womans University, Sogang University, Hongik University, Korea University, Kyunghee University, Sungkyunkwan University, Hanyang University, and Sookmyung Women’s University. Materials belonging to Yonsei University Wonju Library are also available. Since borrowing policies vary among these libraries, please read the information below before submitting a request. A valid Yonsei ID is required to pick up requested materials. Note that items available at the Yonsei University Library cannot be requested through Interlibrary Loan.
    • Participating institutions
        Seoul National University Library Libraries of Ewha, Sogang, Hongik, Sungkyunkwan, Korea, Kyunghee, Hanyang, Sookmyung Universities Yonsei Wonju Campus Library (including Wonju Medical Library), Yonsei University Medical Library KERIS
      Eligibility Faculty, Doctoral Students Faculty, Graduate Students, Staff Faculty, Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Staff Faculty, Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Staff
      Items Circulating Books Circulating Books Circulating Books Circulating Books
      Item Limits & Loan Periods 1 ID 3 books, 10 days
      (1 renewal, overdue fines:
      1,000 won per book per day)
      ※ included in your Yonsei borrowing limits
      1 ID 3 books, 14 days
      (1 renewal, overdue fines:
      500 won per book per day)
      ※ included in your Yonsei borrowing limits

      Within your Yonsei borrowing limit
      (15 day loan period)

      overdue fines:
      100 won per book per day)
      ※ included in your Yonsei borrowing limits

      1 ID 3 books, 15 days
      (1 renewal(7 days), overdue fines:
      500 won per book per day)
      ※ included in your Yonsei borrowing limits
      Pick-up On-site Borrowing Available when visiting other
      libraries 2 hours after request
      along with ILL Request Form from the USC
      Available when visiting other
      libraries 2 hours after request with Yonsei ID

      1-2 day delivery
      Free of charge

      (1 day delivery for Yonsei University Medical Library)

      2-3 day delivery
      2,500 won
      Impossible to visit other libraries
      Available only on site pick up
      Regular Mail 1-2 day delivery Free of charge 1-2 day delivery Free of charge
      Express Mail (Quick Service) 1 day delivery charge:
      15,000 won (one way)
      1 day delivery charge:
      Ewha, Sogang: free of charge
      Others: 15,000 won (one way)
      Submit a Request at: ILL from Wonju Campus Library (all Yonsei members)
      ILL from SNU Library + 8 libraries (faculty, staff, graduate students, researchers only)
      ILL from KERIS (all Yonsei members)

    • Notices:
    • 1) On-site borrowing by visiting other libraries is available usually 2 hours after submitting a request from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. You can also visit the lending libraries during their open hours on Saturdays to pick up your requests but a new request submitted on Saturdays will not be processed until Monday.
    • 2) Office hours : Monday ~ Friday, 9:00 AM ~ 17:20 PM
      before 12:00 PM - accepted on the day
      after 12:00 PM - accepted on the next day
      (※ this time limits will influence the delivery date 1 or 2 days)
    • 3) Book delivery services by regular mail is available free of charge. The Library also provides express delivery services for books from libraries of Ewha Womans University and Sogang University free of charge.
    • 4) The cost of express delivery service for books from libraries except Ewha and Sogang will be charged to you.
    • 5) To request materials from Hongik University Library or Wonju Campus Medical Library or Yonsei University Medical Library, first find the desired item at Hongik University Library homepageor Wonju Medical Library homepage or Yonsei University Medical Library and send us an e-mail to(library2@yonsei.ac.kr)
      If you have any difficulties in finding desired item, please send us an e-mail. (Information about books and your ID number, name, way of delivery should be included on the email)
    • 6) You can renew your interlibrary loans by sending an e-mail to library2@yonsei.ac.kr Note that interlibrary loans are not always renewable and you should check your My Library account to see your renewal request status. For more information, contact Interlibrary Loan Services at (02) 2123-3313.
    • 7) ILL materials can be requested within your Yonsei borrowing limits.
    • How to make a request:
    • 1) Log in to the Library homepage with your Yonsei ID number.
    • 2) Click on the ‘Request Non-Yonsei Materials’ under the Services menu and then select ‘Local ILL.’
    • 3) Select a lending library group according to your user status by clicking on one of the ILL Request buttons at the top of the page or ILL Request links at the bottom of the Participating Libraries table.
    • 4)Enter texts in the search field and click on at least one check box next to the lending library you want to select. An example of the search page with Kyunghee and Sogang libraries selected is shown below:

    • 5) Click on the library name in the Database column in the search result page. Be sure to check the item’s availability displayed in a new window before submitting your request by clicking on the SFX icon in the Action column.
         * The SFX icon will not be displayed in the search page of Korea University Library and Wonju Medical Library and you should send an e-mail to
      library2@yonsei.ac.kr when you want to request materials from these two libraries.
    • 6) The Request window will be displayed. Click on the button to open an ILL Request Form.
    • 7) The item information will be displayed in the ILL Request Form window.
    • 8) Check whether the item information is correct or not and select a delivery mode among regular mail, express mail, and on-site borrowing.
    • 9) Click on the button at the bottom of the page to submit your ILL request.
    • 10) Pick up the ILL material at the User Services Center after you receive a notification e-mail or text message from the Library.
    • Contacts: